Adulting 101 - Maintenance/GYST Days

Maintenance days, or GYST days as Kalyn Nicholson refers to them (her GYST day vlogs are so therapeutic to watch!) are the perfect way of getting on top of those essential adulting tasks that need to be done to ensure life runs as smoothy as it can. They’re designed to help you build a good foundation, leaving you more time and energy to be productive in other areas.

  • There is no one size fits all list of tasks. Your maintenance day task list is personal to you so should include whatever works best for you. I like to include tasks such as food shopping, meal planning/prepping, laundry, cleaning, life admin tasks (dealing with paperwork/emails, making bookings/appointments, sorting out my Zara returns!), buying gifts, stocking up on household supplies, planning for the week ahead and goal setting.

  • Keep templates/lists of regular tasks that need to get done. This is something I haven’t got round to doing yet but could be hugely beneficial. I want to make templates/lists of regular tasks that need to be completed so I can look through them when planning my maintenance days. As different tasks require different frequencies it may be helpful to have different lists for tasks that need to be completed weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually etc.

  • Incorporate self-care and beauty routines into your maintenance day. I like to include tasks such as getting a haircut, eyebrow maintenance, mani/pedis, massages and doing hair/face masks on maintenance days. Depending on how much time you have, and how intense your beauty routines are, you may want to schedule in a whole other maintenance day just for this. But if you struggle to find the time, incorporating them into your maintenance day is a great way to keep on top of them.

  • Batching maintenance tasks helps increase productivity. It’s a good idea to get all maintenance tasks completed and out of the way together. Once you tick a few tasks off the list, momentum builds and you will feel more productive and motivated to get everything else done. I also like to listen to podcasts as I work my way through, it makes mundane tasks more enjoyable. This way I also manage to get through a whole load of podcasts I’ve been meaning to listen to - win-win!

  • Helps to reduce clutter - both physical and mental. Incorporating these tasks into a routine by scheduling regular maintenance days will take a great load off your mind leaving you feeling calmer, less stressed and more energised. You won’t constantly be thinking about things that need to be done because you know they’ll be picked up at some point. It’s the best feeling when you have a clean and tidy living space, food in the fridge and meals prepped. You feel like your life is in order and you’re on top of things rather than you’re struggling to keep up.

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