How to Plan Your Dream Year in 2019

I find that January isn’t always the best month to kick start your goals. After the excitement of Christmas, and the hangover it leaves behind, January can be one of the most depressing months of the year. So instead of adding additional strain, I find it’s better to spend it as a bit of a self-care month where you take it easy, have lots of cosy nights in, but also begin to think about the year ahead and how you can make it your best year yet!

Here are some prompts to help you brainstorm and plan your dream year in 2019:

  • Look back and reflect over the past year. Identify what you were grateful for in 2018? What were your highlights? What did you learn/discover? What did you achieve/accomplish? What didn’t go so well last year? What didn’t make you feel good? What did you feel was a waste of time?

  • Look forwards to the ideal position you would love to be in at the end of 2019. Imagine yourself on New Year’s Eve at the end of 2019. What position would you be in for this to have been your best year? What would you need to have accomplished? What goals would you love to have achieved? Are there any skills you would like to have learnt? Are there any relationships you would love to have built?

  • Think about those things you always say you want to do but never get round to. Write down everything you’ve always said you wanted to do/learn/experience etc. We all have those perennial goals that are forever on our bucket lists which we never seem to make any progress on (for me this has includes learning calligraphy, completing the 50 book challenge, getting into a regular exercise routing, meditating…….the list goes on…..)

  • Make your vision a reality. Now that you’ve brainstormed and thought about what would make 2019 your dream year, it’s time to make it a reality by looking at how you can schedule everything in and make it happen. Draw up a timeline for 2019 and start slotting in any events, holidays, activities. Begin to research and start arranging anything that needs more planning or involves others. Review your goals and think about the best ways you can achieve these. Would you be better to focus on one goal at a time? Or do you think you’re more likely to accomplish them if you make very small, consistent steps towards all of them at the same time?

I’d love to hear what would make 2019 your dream year, please leave a comment below!