How I’ve Been Using Monitoring to Build Better Habits

Monitoring is one of the best tools we can use to build habits. As much as we think we know how we’re performing in different areas of life, we are terrible at guessing and our estimations are often way off.

Why we should monitor our habits. By monitoring our habits, we gain a better understanding of how we are currently using our time, energy and other resources. We get an idea of areas we’re currently investing in the most and check whether this aligns with our personal values and goals. It can highlight areas of life we’re doing well in, as well as areas we’re doing not so well in. This information is incredibly insightful, it helps us make the most of our time to ensure we live better, more fulfilled lives.

Monitoring habits can be a great motivator. Monitoring habits can also be used to encourage and motivate us to work harder in areas we want to improve in. It can act like a gold star as we track progress and achievements. Monitoring also helps when we’re feeling deflated or like we’re not performing very well as it shows us progress and how far we’ve come.

Which habits should we monitor? The habits to monitor are personal to each individual so will be different for everyone. To get the most out of monitoring, we should monitor whatever is most important to us. If there’s an area of life we want to be investing in, monitoring will help to identify how much we’re currently investing and help us readjust to where we want to be. If there’s an area we’d like to improve in, again monitoring will be hugely beneficial to evaluate where we’re at so we can schedule and plan to do more of it.

Tools we can use to monitor our habits. There are myriad ways to track and monitor habits. There are plenty of apps available to monitor everything from how many steps we do, to how much water we drink, and even time trackers to record how we spend every minute of the day. And of course a notebook/bullet journal/diary is a simple but versatile way to monitor almost anything.

How I’ve been using monitoring to build better habits. I’ve personally been using monitoring to build habits for several months now. I wanted to build the habit of working out regularly so decided to start keeping a log of all the workouts I do. This has helped me identify periods where I have and haven’t worked out consistently, as well as spot any triggers that prevent me from working out. It’s proven to be motivating as I track my growth and try to complete more workouts each month than I have in previous months. I also want to read more and watch more films so have decided to make a note of all the books/films I read/watch this year. I had thought on average I read a couple of books and watched a couple of films each month, but the results have shown otherwise. I had been hugely overestimating. I also found the range of genres I was reading/watching films in was quite restricted so I want to be more diverse and explore a wider range of topics.

Are there any habits you’re currently working on? Have you ever used the tool of monitoring when building habits?

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