Making Time to do the Things You Love

What would you love to do if you had a whole day to spend doing anything you wanted? No plans, no commitments, an entire day to spend in anyway you wish. Would you go for a massage? Or read that book you’ve been meaning to get round to?

In reality though, how do you actually spend your free time? As much as we have high hopes and aspirations of how dramatically different our lives would be if only we had more time, when we do have it we don’t always make the most of it. If you’re anything like me, as much as I love a spa day, I find it difficult to spend my free time doing something I love. The guilt creeps so I’m much more likely to use it running errands, trying to tick off tasks from my to-do list, or waste away hours on social media.

Scheduling time to do things we love. I recently read a post on SunBeamsJess’ blog where she explained how she has started scheduling in time to do more of the things she loves, such as reading. She explains how she gets her work completed early on in the day, and then spends the afternoon/ evening on activities she enjoys, scheduling it in her daily tasks in her bullet journal. Although this may not work for everyone as it may start to feel more like a chore, you may feel it actually gives you permission to indulge in something that brings you joy.

Improve productivity. We would actually be more productive, happier, and much less stressed if we did carve out the time to do more of the things we love. There are always going to be tasks we could be working on but if that’s all we ever do, we feel burnt out, our energy levels drop, and our productivity levels plummet. There’s a lot of value in making the time to invest in activities that bring us joy. It’s hugely beneficial and may prove to be the productivity boost we all need.

Drop the guilt. It’s seems to be a sign of success these days to be constantly busy and not make time for ourselves. We’re almost made to feel guilty if we spend time doing something we enjoy. As indulgent as it may feel to schedule in a whole afternoon to read or watch films, we should let go of the guilt and give ourselves permission to spend more time doing things we love. So many of us waste away hours scrolling on our phones, or watching Netflix shows out of boredom anyway so why not spend the time doing something you enjoy?

Avoid procrastination. It may even motivate you to be more productive and complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. Scheduling in an activity you enjoy can be a great way to beat procrastination as it gives you something to look forward to after you’ve completed tasks you may have been avoiding. Time expands to fill the time available so scheduling in time to do things we love is a great way of improving productivity. If we allow less time to complete tasks, we are less likely to procrastinate on things that aren’t important to us.

We all have those bucket list items and activities we have always wanted to do, if only we had more time. Make it happen by making it a priority to spend more time doing the things you love.

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